COUNTDOWN has begun…

DAY #28 —— and our countdown to reach GOAL is ON.  And we’ve gotta get there and reach the Heritage Project funding goal. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take a good, hard, honest look at what this entails & climb aboard. Will YOU personally take some ownership with this endeavor?? Have you ever read an inspiring story/article/book that tugged on your heart strings

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Tunnel Installed

Tunnel Vision – Bright Blue or Dark Cool ?

August 30, 2015 —————————— Soon after this blog was first published in January the response was immediate and unanimous – “Bright Blue” !! Fast forward seven months later to August 28. Comments from those who have seen the tunnel:  Wow! Goosebumps! Fantastic! The new tunnel entrance to The Robert F. Busbey Natatorium features an under-water-like experience leading into one of

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Heritage Mailer - Graphic

Six Weeks Left – Let’s ALL Finish Viking Strong Together

CSU swimmers and divers have a tradition of peaking for the Horizon League Swimming and Diving Championships – Feb 25-28 this year. February 28 is also the date the Matching Gift Challenge for the Heritage Project will expire.  Let’s ALL finish Viking Strong Together! Initial leadership funding for the project (concept graphics are HERE) provided us with a solid start

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NinthLane_Close_Scale_crop - Copy

Ninth Lane Banner Honors Swimming & Diving Alumni

The Ninth Lane Banner provides a large, watchful Magnus encouraging our swimmers and divers while honoring our dedicated alumni. It’s visible from both the pool and rec center. Every alumni should upload their favorite picture(s). *********     6/3/15  UPDATE     *************** We Did It – Hope you’ve seen this: Heritage Project Powers Champions Campaign into Fast Lane And thanks to

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Heritage Project General Campaign Launched with $50k Matching Challenge

400+ swimming and diving friends and alumni received letters last week requesting Heritage Project donations. We have commitments from donors in the form of a $50k matching challenge to help us meet our $75k goal.  Every $1 donation means $3 in funding. A big THANK YOU to these dedicated alumni who understand the importance of finishing the Heritage Project VIKING STRONG. If you

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Needed: Heritage Relay Captains – Can You Help?

UPDATE: Monday, 24 November – The general campaign to finish STRONG and support the Heritage Project was launched with letters and emails sent to swimming and diving friends and alumni.  We still need relay captains to make follow-up phone calls to all alumni. Next week we launch the direct mail campaign for the CSU Swimming and Diving Heritage Project.  Our

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Splash Bash Swimmers Raise $4,000 for CSU Swimming & Diving

Thanks to all who helped make the 5th Annual Cleveland State Splash Bash in the Robert F. Busbey Natatorium a huge success. 150 swim team, alumni and O*H*I*O masters swimmers raised over $4,000 for the CSU Swimming and Diving team. CSU coach Paul Graham and his assistant coaches Kate Inozemtseva and Kevin Rapien get the first round of thanks.  They organized

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Wally Image-IMG_0647-copy

Wally Weekend Memories: Stories, Honors, Smiles, Giving Back

What a great weekend.  Celebrated 9 decades of Fenn/CSU swimming and diving heritage with 165 friends, many brand new!  So many stories and memories.  Wally deserved the honors he received for the smiles he created, his awesome career, and always giving back. As we begin to relive last weekends great times there’s no way we can begin to highlight all the highlights.  Those

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Western Panarama from East End - Copy

THANK YOU – Champion’s Campaign Supporters

Thanks to the many CSU swimming and diving alumni, friends and donors who supported the Swimming and Diving Champions program launched in September, 2009 the Robert F. Busbey Natatorium now has a new video board and wrap, pool and varsity record boards and Championship Team Banners.  And thanks also to AD John Parry and President Berkman for the new pool paint

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