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2015-16 Is in the books!

WOW!  What an amazing season!  Dedicating the Heritage project was just the start, having an athlete at NCAA’s, icing on the cake.  When I think about the past season, there are a few words that come to mind.

History making  – “Momentum”  “Stability”

For a program steeped in history, this season was one for the record books.  The team was excited for the unveiling of the Heritage project.   Being able to see and feel the history of the swimming & diving program is an invaluable tool for the coaching staff.  It enables us to help the team realize that the program is more than just about themselves.  More history was made at the “Magnus Cup”.  The men were able to break four Busbey Natatorium records.  To witness the names of Morales, Carey and Smith being replaced by CSU athletes is so exciting.  And to finish up the year, Philipp Sikatzki had an absolutely incredible NCAA meet!  It was amazing to see “Cleveland State University” right there with the University of Texas; the University of Florida; the Ohio State University and so many other great institutions.

“Momentum” was another key component to the season.  We started with a team overnight at Camp Christopher.  It was an important team building event that got us off campus and starting to bond as “Vikings”.  The team had the opportunity to discuss how we would “take care of business” during the season.  Moving onto the competition portion of the season, the team performed well and had an outstanding Magnus Cup.  The athletes and coaches were excited to keep training at a high level and represent CSU at the Horizon League meet.  The first night of the meet was remarkable!  The women started the meet with the 3rd best time in program history in the 200 Medley Relay.  The men topped that performance by breaking the old team record by 1.5 seconds.  They also set a new Horizon League record with their performance.  From this point forward the team was on fire!  The “Vikings” proceeded to break 11 team records and 5 Horizon League marks at the meet.  Philipp’s exploits at NCAA’s was the cherry on top of the sundae.

“Stability” is another invaluable component to the 2015-16 season.  Transitions can create a bit of uncertainty.  With the coaching staff intact for year two, I was more comfortable.  The team had a much better idea of what I expected from them and they were more comfortable.  This translated into a better team dynamic and the performance reflected as such.

Moving forward, the coaching staff is eager to build upon the legacy of Coach Busbey and Coach Morton.  It is pretty easy to stay motivated when you look up and see Bob and Wally watching over what they have created.  With the continued support of “Vikings” worldwide, we will keep building!