Six Weeks Left – Let’s ALL Finish Viking Strong Together

CSU swimmers and divers have a tradition of peaking for the Horizon League Swimming and Diving Championships – Feb 25-28 this year. February 28 is also the date the Matching Gift Challenge for the Heritage Project will expire.  Let’s ALL finish Viking Strong Together!

Initial leadership funding for the project (concept graphics are HERE) provided us with a solid start in October.  Then our general campaign kicked in just before Thanksgiving (Heritage Campaign Launched with $50,000 Matching Gift Challenge).

We closed out 2014 with over $14,000 in donations against the $25,000 target needed to obtain the matching $50k.  Now we need everyone’s support to meet our two goals: fund the project and show broad participation among ALL alumni.

The Heritage Project is not just about fundraising – its an opportunity to demonstrate to future prospects, current teams and CSU administration that Fenn/CSU swimming and diving alumni believe in the importance of  “team is forever”.

You can help with a contribution of any amount from $25 to $1,000 on line HERE or making a donation by check if that works better for you (address details on our website). And remember, EVERY donation helps to fund the project and  – JUST AS IMPORTANT- shows support for CSU Swimming and Diving.

With less than six weeks to go we can also use your help to spread the word to other friends and alumni.  Please call, email, text or connect with others using your favorite social media.

And remember you can check out pictures of your team on the Heritage Website. Men’s pictures from 1932 and women’s pictures from 1970 are here: Team Photos.

Thank you, and Go Vikings !

For the CSU Swimming and Diving Heritage Committee,
Wally Morton ’74-’14, Dave Guinther ’64, Jim Smith ’78, Joe Stockwell ‘81

PS – In case you want to send along the above links directly, they are repeated here:


In the Splash Zone

Congrats to our men’s and women’s team for their win over Gannon Friday.  The 2015 pictures, along with team rosters, have been posted to the Heritage Website as well. You can check them out here:  Women’s Photo     Men’s Photo

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  1. Great to see Coach Graham’s Vikings training with dedication & determination over the holidays! Great performances last Friday night. The Heritage Project is so exciting under Dave Guinther’s leadership. Let’s insure our history is never forgotten as we celebrate our future.

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