Heritage Weekend ’15: Golf, “Teamship” and Celebration Sept. 25/26

CSU’s Homecoming 2015 offers six events where CSU Swimming and Diving Friends and Alumni can connect for great times.  Golf and fellowship on Friday; swimming, celebration and more fellowship on Saturday.  A true “Teamship” weekend. Friday September 25th : Golf outing at 9:00 am Heritage Warm-up Reception at 2:30 pm or so / Dinner at 3:30 pm HEADS UP  – if you would like to

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pool Install- NW Corner

Banners are Up. Wall Graphics Next. Then We Party

The Heritage Project Concept Graphics are now reality. Last week the Coach Banners, Diver and Swimmer Banners and Ninth Lane Banners were installed. South Tunnel Graphics are released for production.  Heritage Corner Graphics will be released Tuesday Morning after a few edits (If you want a close up view to check the spelling on your name you can download this .pdf file: heritage_corner_preflight. By

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Champions Campaign-top

Heritage Project Powers Champions Campaign Into Fast Lane

THANK YOU!  WE DID IT! We exceeded our $75,000 goal for the Heritage Project fundraising thanks to the generosity of connected, engaged Fenn/CSU swimming and diving friends and alumni. We’ve now raised over $250,000 for The Robert F. Busbey Champions Campaign and have the funds to complete the project and finish Viking Strong. In 2009, Wally and I set out

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A few of our 32 3.00 student athletes.

Banners or Scholarships? School or Team? All Winning Choices

Our teams are off to Brown Deer, Wisconsin. Their preparations are complete; events are set. Over the next few days we must also finish strong.  How best to support our school and our teams?  Which lanes to choose? February is well seeded with important events: Horizon League Championships, CSU‘sAnnual Giving Day and the expiration of the $25,000 Matching Gift Challenge for

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Wall and Pres Berkman at Homecoming Parade_resize

Presidential Leadership: Connecting Champions, Preserving Our Heritage

With Goal #1 (Fund the Project) in sight our attention is now focused on Goal #2 (Participation by All Swimming & Diving Alumni).  President Berkman led by example to help Wally meet our TEAM goal. Now it’s YOUR turn. More on President Berkman’s $83 pledge below.  First the story behind the Heritage Project and your role in its success. Since Wally Morton assumed

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Why The Heritage Project Is Critical To Our Future – and Means So Much To Me! 

We have TWO WEEKS  left to win the 2 to 1 match that will enable us to reach our goal. The breadth and scope of our swimming & diving heritage is magnificent. We must make sure we celebrate it and provide the opportunity for others to have lifelong gifts from experiencing the sport we love. The history of Fenn/CSU Swimming & Diving

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CommunityCorner_3_AllFilled - Copy

Community Corner – Our Neighborhood Focus

The Community Corner will be visible from inside and outside of the pool and accessible to all visitors.  This is where we recognize our partners and provide opportunities for our neighbors and friends to post information. It will be located on the north end of the east bleachers –  visible from the rec center as well as the south bleachers. These graphics will

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VanDijk-Pool Innovation for Speed_resize

Story of Two Champions Behind CSU’s Fast Pool

Most people know why The Robert F. Busbey Natatorium was way ahead of its time when completed in 1972 (big gutters, bright lights, integrated diving well, no windows, etc.).  Here’s “the rest of the story”. The CSU pool made big news when it opened in 1973 simply because it was, well, BIG! While not proven (yet), the pool was also

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Timeline Wall – Link to the Past, Connection to the Future

Timeline Wall thinking started Day 1 of the Heritage Project. It’s a natural place to record 83 years of swimming and diving heritage – with space for 25 more. Here are the proof prints of what you will see when you walk into The Robert F. Busbey Natatorium and check out the base of the East Bleachers on Heritage Weekend (REGISTER

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COUNTDOWN has begun…

DAY #28 —— and our countdown to reach GOAL is ON.  And we’ve gotta get there and reach the Heritage Project funding goal. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take a good, hard, honest look at what this entails & climb aboard. Will YOU personally take some ownership with this endeavor?? Have you ever read an inspiring story/article/book that tugged on your heart strings

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