A Towering Update to The Robert F. Busbey Natatorium

Remember the photo update on the diving tower renovation provided by Mike Lehto, our Coordinator of Athletics Facilities, and former CSU Swim/Dive alum and coach, from Coach Burandt’s October 15th State of the Program video ?

Check out two major differences between Mike’s October update and the pictures from last Saturday:

1) The freshly painted and striped pool now has water in it, and 2) the steep ladders to the 3-meter boards and 5 meter tower have been replaced with stairs.  We leave it to the many divers, and swimmers, to pass along their comments as to the numerous other major changes (and your favorite minor ones). 

CSU has viewed this project as a major priority and has worked tirelessly to properly fund and complete the project.

And please, please, please use giving day Tuesday Feb 16 as an opportunity to show your support for our teams and Cleveland State University, and to help our Women’s and Men’s teams once again win the prize for the largest number of donors of any team on CSU Giving Day ’21.

As with all Giving Day  promotions, we encourage every team member and their families, friends, and alumni to make individual donations of any amount.  As we’ve been saying for many years now, “Just Push the Button” :).   If you are able to contribute a larger amount to fund team immediate needs or scholarships you might consider a few facts concerning the diving tower renovations:  The towers are $10 meters high, which converts to approximately $32.81 feet or $393.70 inches.

( bit.ly/csutower21 )

Click on any photo below to see full-size images.


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