Tom Smolinski Endowed Diving Scholarship

Dear CSU Viking Diving & Swimming Alums and Friends,

It is with great sadness that we share the loss of Tom Smolinski, a proud CSU Viking Diver and class of ’99 graduate. Thanks to the commitment of many, however, his legacy can live on with the Tom Smolinski Endowed Diving Scholarship.

We have an incredible opportunity to honor Tom and his family along with strengthening the Cleveland State University Women’s and Men’s Swim-Dive program by providing scholarship assistance to the team. CSU Giving Day 2016 provides this opportunity.

Kim with Kids- IMG_3427

Kim Smolinski with daughters in The Robert F. Busbey Natatorium during Heritage Graphics installation – August, 2015

Did you know the Tom Smolinski family led by his widow Kim and her two young twin daughters has raised almost $30,000 in order to establish the Endowment? The Robert F. Busbey Charitable Foundation will provide a matching grant on Giving Day for all donations up to $5,000.  The money will not only help the Divers but the Swimmers as it will enable more scholarship money to be awarded to all team members.

Here’s how you can get involved and make a difference. On Wednesday February 24 (GIVING DAY) visit to make your gift.  Click on the ATHLETICS tab then be sure to specify the Tom Smolinski Endowed Diving Scholarship as the recipient of your donation.

  • The Tom Smolinski Endowed Scholarship will make a difference for Swimming and Diving.
  • Let’s honor a two time Horizon League (MCC) Team member who loved CSU and put family first.
  • While the amount of the donation is important, even more urgent is to show you care by participating on Giving Day at any donation level.

Your simple act of pushing the donation button on CSU GIVING DAY Wednesday February 24 will show everyone how much Swimming and Diving friends and alumni positively impact the University. No matter what the amount of your gift, the fact that you engaged and gave is what’s most important.

Help us honor Tom and support CSU Swimming and Diving. Please “PUSH THE BUTTON” on GIVING DAY, February 24th.

Vikings Forever,

Jeff Arnold, Former Head Diving Coach (1981-2002)


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  1. Wonderful letter Jeff. It would be absolutely amazing to honor Tom and have our alums make a difference with their participation on Giving Day!

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