Needed: Heritage Relay Captains – Can You Help?

UPDATE: Monday, 24 NovemberThe general campaign to finish STRONG and support the Heritage Project was launched with letters and emails sent to swimming and diving friends and alumni.  We still need relay captains to make follow-up phone calls to all alumni.

Next week we launch the direct mail campaign for the CSU Swimming and Diving Heritage Project.  Our two goals: connect with all alums and fund the remaining portion of the Heritage Project (more GREAT NEWS on that next week).

The purpose of this post is to ask for help in making follow-up calls to ensure the direct mail arrived and answer any question friends and alumni might have.  We’re looking for “Relay Captains” who are willing to make 5-6 calls to other alums in their era.  We will provide a list with contact information.  Ideally these would be past teammates to help minimizing “cold calls”.

We’ll provide a “cheat sheet” with guidelines for the call and background information in addition to the contact list.  Just a few hours of your time would be a GREAT HELP.

Link to Calling Tips is HERE

If you can help please let us know by this Friday, November 14th so we can create the lists.   Send email to:

For the CSU Swimming and Diving Heritage Committee,
Wally Morton ’74-’14, Dave Guinther ’64, Jim Smith ’78, Joe Stockwell ‘81

3 comments on “Needed: Heritage Relay Captains – Can You Help?

  1. If interested in being a Relay Captain contact me at the following email:
    I did a typo on my first message.
    I will be calling many of our alums over the years to ask if you can be a Relay Captain. The Relay Captain will get the word out on the Heritage Program as we celebrate our past,help the present Teams and insure the continued success of CSU Swimming & Diving. If interested in making a few calls, contact me at 2162106712. Vikings Forever!

  2. I most certainly will help with your request Wally & it’ll be awesome to see ALL the walls of the Busbey Nat. completed with this project’s planned wraps, interactive kiosks, etc.

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