Presidential Leadership: Connecting Champions, Preserving Our Heritage

With Goal #1 (Fund the Project) in sight our attention is now focused on Goal #2 (Participation by All Swimming & Diving Alumni).  President Berkman led by example to help Wally meet our TEAM goal. Now it’s YOUR turn.

More on President Berkman’s $83 pledge below.  First the story behind the Heritage Project and your role in its success.

Joe Stockwell, co-chariman of the Champions Program, President Berkman & John Parry with Heritage Graphics

Joe Stockwell, co-chairman of the Champions Program, President Berkman & John Parry with Heritage Graphics in the background

Since Wally Morton assumed the reins of swimming and diving at CSU he’s made one long-term goal clear: Leave The Robert F. Busbey Natatorium in better shape than when he took over and create a “picture wall” to capture the program’s history.  The Champions Program provided a great boost with modern video screen, record boards and championship banners.  John Parry worked with President Berkman to complete pool painting and filter replacement.

The Heritage Project was launched to finish the Champions Program Viking Strong. Its objective: preserve and honor the history, traditions and values of the Fenn College / Cleveland State University swimming and diving program and everyone connected with it – past and present. More than just a “picture wall”.

With 9 days to go until the $25k Matching Gift Challenge expires on February 28th we’re closing in on Goal #1-Funding. Goal #2 – Participation –  still lies ahead.  To close on our participation target we need action from ALL Fenn/CSU swimming and diving alumni.  You have 9 days left to show everyone that you care about Bob, Wally, the pool, our current team and – most important – future teams.

The education you received from Fenn College or Cleveland State University and your team experience may have been life changing.  They  may have opened doors for your career.  They may have been a high point in your college life, or just a side-bar.  Whatever the case, please show your team spirit by donating now, today, this minute.

The amount you donate is far, far less important than your act of donating.  A contribution at any level will put us closer to our participation goal – a target we can only reach one teammate at a time.  No shortcuts, no special offers.  We can ONLY meet our team goal with YOUR help.

Your support is crucial, whether you donate $5, $25, $50 or more.  You could even make a presidential-like gift of $83.

wally and dr berkman after parade_resize

Wally & President Berkman following the Homecoming Parade.

Yes! President Berkman was our first on-line donor.  We asked for his contribution of $83 – a dollar for each year of the program since 1932 –  during “Heritage Weekend”.  You remember – CSU turns 50, the parade, Splash Bash, Wally Roast, Concept Graphics unveiling, and camaraderie at Becky’s.

Show your support and help cement our swimming and diving heritage – literally and figuratively – in the Busbey Natatorium.  Please DONATE NOW! 

Thank you for your support,

Dave Guinther ’64 along with Wally Morton ’74-’14, Jim Starrett ’74, Jim Smith ’78, Joe Stockwell ‘81, and Tom Fattlar ’86

In the splash zone:

A number of questions came up from our reviewers as we completed this blog.  Including them here in case you may have the same questions:

  • Did Dr. Berkman REALLY donate $83? – No, he actually gave $100.  Typical of many leaders, he delivered more than promised.
  • Was Dr. Berkman the first on-line donor? – He was actually the second donor; you don’t think we would actually ask a President to donate without testing out a brand new site first? That’s why our donor list includes a $5 gift from a committee member.
  • Should we really suggest giving small gifts? – Absolutely.  To meet our Participation Goal we need contributions from many more alumni, and  receiving twenty-five, $10 contributions is much better than a single $250 donation.


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