Why The Heritage Project Is Critical To Our Future – and Means So Much To Me! 

We have TWO WEEKS  left to win the 2 to 1 match that will enable us to reach our goal. The breadth and scope of our swimming & diving heritage is magnificent. We must make sure we celebrate it and provide the opportunity for others to have lifelong gifts from experiencing the sport we love.

The history of Fenn/CSU Swimming & Diving is about people and relationships. It is about emotion and commitment to excellence. It’s not only about success in the water, but more importantly the amazing accomplishments in the arena of life of those who have been part of our Team since 1932.

To see so many of our swimmers/divers/coaches go on to greatness in their lives is a testament to the difference maker that our Fenn/CSU Viking swimming and diving program has made and continues to make. Making both short term and long term sacrifices in attaining a goal is training in one’s ability to achieve.

I could write forever in this Blog about so many individuals who have learned the importance of TEAM and who have succeed at an incredibly high level. The Heritage Project will give all of us the tools to celebrate and recognize the many stories that are part of our past, present and future.

We are in the Swimming and Diving Championship season now.  To see many former Vikings coach their teams to record breaking performance along with so many titles this past week and the weeks ahead is inspiring. I will name just a few here; our Heritage Project will allow us to include everyone.

This weekend both Mike Davidson’s (Solon) and Tom Stacy’s (Strongsville) boys and girls teams each won their sectionals.  Mark Krusinski (Brecksville) and Allison Pajilla (Wadsworth) are making a difference with her team’s unprecedented success. Ian Murray’s Carmel High School Girls Team just won its 29th straight Indiana High School State Championship and is clearly the best high school girls team in America.

At the Club Level Jayson Turcotte’s Dynamo Swim Club and Glenn Mills (Asphalt Green and “Go Swim“) have numerous Olympians in the making. At the college level we have our own Head Coach Paul Graham (CSU Vikings), Andrew Hancock (West Florida), April Woo (Stanford), Bill Dorenkott (Ohio State) along with Justin Sochor (OSU Diving) preparing their college teams to be Championship caliber and qualify numerous athletes for the NCAA National Championships.  There are hundreds more that I could recognize now but the Heritage Project will provide a platform to do this on a much grandeur scale.

In our sport we taper, and then reach our goal. We are in the taper phase of the Heritage Project and are now getting ready to reach our goal!

Only with your help can we make it happen!  Donate Today

Vikings Forever, Wally Morton on behalf of the Heritage Project Committee

One comment on “Why The Heritage Project Is Critical To Our Future – and Means So Much To Me! 

  1. Wally,

    You are a true inspiration and words cannot express my gratitude for all you’ve done for me.

    I encourage all of my fellow Vikings to support the Heritage Project!!


    Lochlainn (Spock Class of 1996)

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