Ninth Lane Banner Photo Selection

Photos for Ninth Lane Banner and Heritage Photos – June 3

The links below contain photos selected for the Ninth Lane Banner along with other photos that will be archived on the Heritage Website (Direct link to the Ninth Lane Banner).

ALL photos submitted will be preserved on the Heritage Website whether used on the banner or not. In other words keep sending them along to (just BE SURE to embed the year and brief description IN THE FILE NAME of the photo).

Help us spread the word about these photos – updated June 3rd. Please share this 6/3 email with others via email and social networks.

NOTE:  The albums below contain many photos.  The “thumbnail view” may take a 15-30 seconds to load – you will see them “develop” on your screen once you follow the links below.   To see full size image just click on a thumbnail – ONLY AFTER all the thumbnails have loaded

HEADS UP:  Depending on your browser, internet connection and server load you may get a black screen after selecting a full size picture. If after 5 seconds the picture does not appear simply refresh your browser (by function key or by clicking on the tiny circular refresh icon) and the image – along with navigation icons – should appear.  If not please contact us (emails below).

NINTH LANE BANNER PHOTOS  (If you can provide names for photos with missing information send the name of the album, small ID number in the upper left corner (for example 26/377) and names or year of origin to

HERITAGE PHOTOS – These photos, along with the NLB photos above, will be available on the Heritage Website.  Please send along missing dates or names or events you may recognized from photos taken in your era to

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 For quick reference:

One of our goals is to make sure the Ninth Lane Banner represents all alumni and eras.  The photos above have been released for incorporation into the Ninth Lane Banner.  EVEN SO – if you spot an error or omission please let us know – email below.

TIMELINE WALL EDITORS NEEDED – if you are willing to spend a few hours to help select photos for the Timeline Wall Entries please let us know. This TIME-CRITICAL  short-term project WILL finish in June.

If you have any questions,  are having problems sending or viewing documents, are willing to help out or have suggestions please send an email to: with cc to Dave Guinther: dave.guinther at yahoo . com.