Ninth Lane Banner Photos

These photos have been selected for the Ninth Lane Banner.  If you have comments or suggestions and ESPECIALLY if you can provide additional names or locations please send email to heritage committee (below).  Be sure to include the photo ID located in the upper left corner of the picture.

Please share this 6/3 Email with others so they are aware of our progress and request for feedback.


We have a huge number of photos on our site now – displaying them may cause a brief delay on your browser.  Here are a few tips:

  • Before clicking on any of the photos below be sure and wait for all of the thumbnails to load – may take 15-30 seconds or a couple of minutes.
  • The photo you click should come up in the browser with arrows on both sides and a previewer below.  You can then navigate forward and back.  Use the small ID in the upper left corner as your index for providing inputs to the heritage team: or directly to one of the Heritage Committee members.
  • HEADS UP – if the screen goes black wait a few seconds for the picture to load.  IF IT DOES NOT LOAD IN 10-15 SECONDS CLICK ON THE BROWSER REFRESH BUTTON (usually a small circular arrow to the left of the URL panel).
  • The thumbnails may flash on the screen followed by the picture, or the picture may load – should happen within 10 seconds – and you will be directed to the full size picture viewing screen.  We  realize this is a bit cumbersome and we are working on an alternate viewer.  For now please bear with us as we process OVER 650 pictures from friends and alumni.  So thank you and please provided feedback where possible.
  • If you still encounter problems feel free to contact us:

TIMELINE PHOTO EDITORS NEEDED – if you are willing to spend a few hours and help select photos for the Timeline wall please let us know. This TIME-CRITICAL  short-term project must finish in June.

If you have any questions,  are having problems sending or viewing documents, are willing to help out or have suggestions please send an email to: with cc to Dave Guinther: dave.guinther at yahoo . com.