Fenn / CSU Swimming & Diving Timeline Wall

Revised February 15, 2023

Thanks and a tip of the swim cap to Pieter Ritz, Hannah Burandt and Mike Lehto for updating the Timeline wall.










Created September 10, 2015

When completed and installed on the front of the East Bleachers, the Timeline Wall graphics will artfully display key events in the history of the Fenn College / CSU Swimming and Diving program.  The Timeline will start in 1931 and run through 2039.  The current timeline contains data from 1931 through 2015.  The above link includes both JPEGs and PDF file representations of the Timeline Wall itself.

The Heritage Committee has assembled a database of information from which the key events on the timeline wall were abstracted.  You can review that database, in the form of an Excel spreadsheet for download below.

More significantly, the xls below also contains the information targeted for display on the Timeline Wall itself.  Some of the text-based information will be represented using ICONs (for example coaches, championship teams, most outstanding swimmer, CSCAA academic teams) and some will be represented as plaques ( for example the CSU Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame inductees).

Timeline Wall Database and Wall Contents are here:   CSU-Timeline-wall-150907

IN ADDITION TO TEXT entries the Timeline Wall will also feature 25  photos representing the spirit and history of the Fenn College / CSU Swimming and Diving program.  Those photos are included here:  Timeline_photo_story_sample

The photos and events were taken from a number of sources. If you are interested in cross checking data for your era or looking up additional information you can refer to previous media guides which are located here: Swimming & Diving Media Guides

Photos of all Men’s and Women’s team (except a few missing photos of the women’s team from ’72-’74) are here: Team Photos

If you notice a typo or error,  please email the CSU Swimming and Diving Heritage Committee: heritage@csu-swimming-diving.com