Timeline Wall – Link to the Past, Connection to the Future

Timeline Wall thinking started Day 1 of the Heritage Project. It’s a natural place to record 83 years of swimming and diving heritage – with space for 25 more.

Here are the proof prints of what you will see when you walk into The Robert F. Busbey Natatorium and check out the base of the East Bleachers on Heritage Weekend (REGISTER HERE – September 25/26 is just two weeks away).

proof__0000_through 1940

proof__0001_through 1957

proof__0002_through 1971

proof__0003_through 1985

proof__0004_through 1999

proof__0005_through 2013


proof__0006_through 2027

proof__0007_through end

Additional information links:

  • If you want to scan the 26 photos at the top of the Timeline Wall they are here: Timeline_photo_story_sample.
  • If you would like to see the Timeline Wall in more detail you can download TimelineWall_proof (CAUTION: this is a 35 Mb file).
  • Media guides from all years available are here: Media Guides
  • If you see a missing item you feel in important or come upon a typo please send an email to: heritage@csu-swimming-diving.com.  This wall WILL continue to grow and has been designed so individual items or entire new years can be “pasted on”. So please share your thoughts with the Heritage Committee via email or comment below – especially during the earlier years of the program where some details may be missing.


September 10 , 2015 UPDATE. Here is link  to the data and photos behind
83 years of teams, athletes, coaches and history

Thanks to the many friends and alumni who provided inputs into the creation of the Timeline Wall.



The Timeline Wall will capture the people, teams, community groups and events that have shaped and will continue to shape our swimming and diving heritage since the first Fenn College team in 1932. Each year the most notable half dozen or so events will be will be captured on a timeline that will stretch from 1932 through 2039.

Why 2039? We felt a third of the space at the base of the east bleachers should be reserved to grow with our athletes, teams and community events in The Robert F. Busbey Natatorium. And we wanted a reason to celebrate with the rest of the University during the 75th Anniversary which will take place in 2039!

Current thinking is to capture this history as columns of text-based entries flowing from left to right, north to south. A few pictures will be used across the top to add interest and  highlights. The hundreds and hundreds of pictures from our past would never fit in this small space;  they will live with Magnus on the Ninth Lane Banner overlooking the pool and Rec Center.  The virtually unlimited space on the Heritage Website  will provide handy access for even more details than can be displayed on the timeline.


The concept drawings created to share the vision of the timeline shown on the renderings below are simply to show size and scale – consider them placeholders for now.  Until replaced with the actual events selected from the past to populate the wall.

That’s why THE HERITAGE COMMITTEE NEEDS YOUR HELP.  We’re looking for historical inputs and suggestions for entries on the Timeline Wall.  What do YOU think should be captured on this will?  Read on.

The “milestones” shown in the drawing below were taken from media guides, photo albums and other records. They are just an artists concept – for example we wouldn’t repeat coaches names each year (however we’d LOVE to repeat Horizon League Championships each year!).


Here is an artist’s rendering of the timeline from the foot of the eastern bleachers.Timeline_near_perspective_crop

Jim Starrett ’74, Tom Fattlar ’84, and Wally Morton ’74-’14 are working on what goes where on the wall.  They are reviewing media guides, rosters, articles from local and student papers, and more.  They would like swimmers and divers, men and women, alumni and friends to make suggestions and add items for consideration.  We have the ability to capture ALL items one way or another – either on the Timeline Wall, on the Heritage Website or both.

So, here’s how YOU can “make history”.  Send along your comments, suggestions, copies of newspaper clippings or just a “one liner” with your input.  We don’t need much and it doesn’t have to be formal, but we do need INPUTS !!  You can:

    • Enter a comment below this post
    • Upload a document HERE
    • Send an email to: heritage@csu-swimming-diving.com
    • Connect directly with Jim (swimstarr27@gmail.com), Tom (tfattlar@yahoo.com) or Wally (wmorton37@gmail.com)
    • Volunteer to join the Heritage History Team for a few months

Dave G, for the Heritage History team: Jim, Tom and Wally

CSU Swimming and Diving Heritage Project


In the splash zone:

We have posted a number of men’s, women’s and mixed swimming and diving  Media Guides HERE.  If you have saved a guide that’s not on this list please connect with the Heritage History team.

Also, be on the lookout for 30’s through 60’s memorabilia to make sure we celebrate Fenn College and Fischer Pool heritage as well.  Here is a picture of the Ellwood H. Fisher Pool Dedication from 1941.

2 comments on “Timeline Wall – Link to the Past, Connection to the Future

  1. On January 24/25, 1964 your former Cleveland State swimming coach Wally Morton set a World Record with 10 of his team mates in Dover, Ohio. I have a photo to go with the world record.

  2. On the Timeline Wall, I qualified for the NCAA Championships all four years that I was diving there. (74, 75, 76 and 77). Jim Fedor only qualified for he NCAA Championship in 1976.

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