Jigsaw Puzzles and Championship Teams

Coach Graham’s Giving Day message is clear on the needs of the program.  And the need is NOW because the Horizon League Championships will return to The Robert F. Busbey Natatorium next year.   By donating during Giving Day 2017 you will enable our team to purchase needed equipment this year and have it installed for next season. Recruits will see it, and our team can use it in preparation for HLC 2018.  Thanks, and here’s Coach Paul’s Giving Day Message:

Championship swimming and diving programs are a lot like jigsaw puzzles – there are many pieces of varying shapes and sizes that must come together to form the perfect picture!  Talented athletes, dedicated coaches and staff, supportive family and friends, outstanding facilities are but a few of those necessary pieces.

I am writing today to talk of a very important component to championship teams…….EQUIPMENT! 

Over the past few years, I have become a BIG believer in the “power” of power training.  There are many ways to accomplish this, but the best is with the “Power Tower”.  This amazing piece of equipment (click to see it in action) allows two athletes to simultaneously swim a training session.  We were using two towers for years and recently bought three more.  Even with a total of five towers, the coaches struggle to get all athletes thru during a week’s cycle of training.  I would to see CSU with a total of ten towers.  This would allow a whole training group to complete a workout at the same time , saving the coaches valuable time to train other important aspects.

In addition to the “Power Towers”, we are looking to buy two diving boards and backstroke wedges for 10 starting blocks.  Diving boards were last purchased in 2010, with a projected life of 4-5 years.  Given the strength of today’s athletes we’re behind in our ability to provide championship capabilities – we really need new boards!  Backstroke wedges are a brand new item that has made an appearance in the last few years.  This simple piece of equipment allows for a much more stable area for the backstroker to perform their start. 

All of these items will allow your “Vikings” to train and perform at the highest level.  Your generous donation will go towards making this happen.  Please donate on CSU Giving Day and help us strive for the top of the Horizon League…………and BEYOND!

Thank You,  Coach Paul Graham

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  1. Paul

    How much do backstroke wedges cost? How about power towers? Maybe I can fund source with the LMSC to see if we can raise some money to buy you something. Of course if we get you a power tower our group would like to use it.


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