Community Corner – Our Neighborhood Focus

The Community Corner will be visible from inside and outside of the pool and accessible to all visitors.  This is where we recognize our partners and provide opportunities for our neighbors and friends to post information.

It will be located on the north end of the east bleachers –  visible from the rec center as well as the south bleachers. These graphics will capture community involvement in the pool and will focus on the many local, regional and international groups who have used and made history in The Robert F. Busbey Natatorium. The concept shown above is one option being considered for the Community Corner.CommunityCorner From South Bleachers - Copy

The empty spaces below are intentional.  We know other  events and groups will enter the picture later so we’re planning ahead to reserve space.   Perhaps plastic bins for handouts and brochures.  Some portions of the graphics might be an actual bulletin board.CommunityCorner_3 Center Fill only - Copy

This is the view from the eastern windows overlooking the pool from the Rec Center.   CommunityCorner_Rec_View - Copy

Those working out in the Rec Center will also have a view of the Ninth Lane Banner on the south wall of the pool across from the elevators and stairs in the western end of the Rec Center.  You can see what Magnus will look like from the west windows in the Rec Center that overlook the pool:  READ THE STORY ON THE NINTH LANE BANNER.NinthLane_Rec_View - Copy

And as always Magnus will watch over the new Record Board as well as the Community Corner.CommunityCorner From South Bleachers

If you have an suggestion for a group or event who should be noted on the Community Corner graphic please let us know.  Easiest way is to add a comment below.  You can also send an email to

Dave G, along with Wally, Joe, Jim, Jim, and Tom for the CSU Swimming and Diving Heritage Project

In the splash zone:

Please take note of two other locations in the pool that will feature events and pictures from the 83 year history of swimming and diving at Fenn College / Cleveland State University.  Two other elements in the Heritage Project will include:

And PLEASE send along  your ideas using the email address above – OR – you can UPLOAD PICTURES HERE or UPLOAD DOCUMENTS OR ARTICLES HERE.

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