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The Team Home is the Locker Room

Now is the time to make a significant difference for the Cleveland State University Swimming & Diving program and go the extra mile.  It’s is one of the single biggest factors in creating a championship environment and more importantly a Championship Result! The spanking new locker rooms of 1974 have barely been touched since the Busbey Natatorium opened. 

The Men’s and Women’s Varsity Locker Rooms need an upgrade after five decades of championship use!

The Extra Mile Leader-Locker Brochure    

Extra Mile Campaign – Donate or See Updates 

Think back to your years on The Team for CSU Swim/Dive alums and for all others involved in a team at a high level. Obviously the usual daily task of a two or three time a day practice routine is storage of clothing, showers and other hygiene functions. But much more occurs and it is critical to the success of the Team. The Locker room is where the origins of pride, work ethic and meaningful relationships that last a lifetime occur. It’s where the unfiltered conversations and inspiriting remarks spontaneously arise by team members when not in the presence of their Coaches. It’s where Team Motivational Meetings are held when both Coaches are present prior to Meet and After Meets. ! Some of my greatest memories are in those locker rooms!  It’s also a key component in recruiting and where prospective student athletes experience Viking Pride.  The Sport Home is the Locker Room!

Anyone who has ever swum or dove at CSU understands that resources are limited. I always say we are swimming upstream. Even though normal maintenance and cleaning tasks are performed by the University staff, it is not possible to complete upgrades consistent with a successful program.  Fortunately we have the strongest group of loyal support of any sport at CSU. We are asking for you to get back on the Diving Boards and the Starting Blocks to provide a critical missing component for the long team health of the Program we love!

For the next few weeks there will be focus on finishing strong on the Locker Room project. We already are off to a great start through generous leadership gifts by our alums. We have passed the halfway point to our goal. We will reach our goal with the help of not only our alums but team members, parents, friends of swimming/diving, and other community support.

Let us all be part of THE TEAM and continue to give opportunity for continued GREATNESS for CSU Swimming & Diving! 

We’re looking for Leadership Gifts of $5,000 or more, or locker sponsorships of $1,650.  Donations of any level of course are always welcome.  

Here’s a direct link to the Extra Mile campaign page where you can see the status of our campaign and make your donation

Thank you so much for your support of our team and the university,
Wally Morton,  Swim Coach Emeritus and Forever a Viking