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Ninth Lane Banner Honors Swimming & Diving Alumni

The Ninth Lane Banner provides a large, watchful Magnus encouraging our swimmers and divers while honoring our dedicated alumni. It’s visible from both the pool and rec center. Every alumni should upload their favorite picture(s).

*********     6/3/15  UPDATE     ***************
We Did It – Hope you’ve seen this:
Heritage Project Powers Champions Campaign into Fast Lane

And thanks to many alums we’ve received over 650 photos.  You can see latest Ninth Lane Banner photos here.  You can share this 6/3 email with other friends and alumni.  

If you’d like to help review pictures and help edit the content of the Timeline Wall please email our team – – for additional details.  These are short term (finished in June) yet Time-Critical tasks.  We could use some help for a few weeks.


The Ninth Lane banner was the final element in the Heritage graphics plan.  In addition to providing an always-present cheering section for our teams it will be a massive “wall of fame”  to highlight more alumni pictures than would fit on the Timeline Wall.

The concept of a large graphic on the south wall came from many hours of sitting in The Robert F. Busbey Natatorium while interviewing graphics design partners back in July.  Once we realized we had far more heritage pictures than would fit on the rather “short” Timeline Wall, the south wall presented a huge unused area highly visible from the Rec Center. And accessible to up-close viewing from the second floor bleachers promenade.

Ninth_Lane-divided REFORMAT - Copy

The montage idea came from a visit to the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve Visitor Center in the Grand Teton National Park.  Philip McFee, “Mr. Creativity” behind our Heritage Concept Graphics, came up with the idea for the mosaic embedded in the area below the lane markers as shown below.  The location was ideal because the south wall is very accessible and can be NinthLane_Close_Scale_crop - Copyviewed up close from the top of the south bleachers.

The individual pictures below will be approximately 5″ x 7″ when the project is completed.  The pictures used for the Concept Graphics were taken from Fenn College and CSU photo archives.  In parallel with the fundraising portion of the project we are asking all swimming and diving alumni to share a favorite picture (or pictures ) for inclusion on the Ninth Lane Banner (NOTE: as of May 1 please submit all photos (file name must include year and name of event or people shown) to


Ninth Lane photomosaic_detail - Copy

Here is the view of the Ninth Lane Banner from the Rec Center from the stairway above the “coffee shop” windows.

NinthLane_pool_deck_crop - Copy

The three banners that comprise the Ninth Lane will also be visible from the Rec Center window overlooking the east bleachers.

NinthLane_Rec_View - Copy

As our fundraising efforts kick into high gear we look forward to honoring ALL alumni by including at least one of their favorite pictures on the Ninth Lane.  If you or your family have a picture or pictures you would like to preserve forever as part of the photo mosaic embedded in the Ninth Lane please upload it (or them) to the Heritage Website.

5/1/2015 Update:

  • The photo upload site was closed May 1st.
  • Pictures can be submitted via email to (all photos must contain date taken and names or events in the file name).
  • Click here to View All alumni pictures submitted

If you encounter any problems or simply want to email your photo (s) send your questions or pictures to

Regards from the Left Coast, Dave G

In the splash zone:

Our two goals still remain in front of us:

  • Fund the Heritage Project (we’re on the 30th lap of a 1,000  as/of Dec 14th)
  • Obtain a contribution from every swimming and diving alumni (still early in the race – PLEASE help by making a donation of any size)

Please help by making an ON-LINE DONATION today!  Or contact  John McCreery, Director of Alumni Programs, to discuss your giving preference.  Information on both is here: CONTACT AND DONATION INFORMATION