Our teams are driven by a passion to always use best efforts whether practicing or competing and continually seek ways to present ourselves and school in the best light. We are resourceful, will find a way to meet our goals, and believe in being prepared for any contingency.  While our heritage is rooted in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio we think globally as well.  Innovation, synergy, academic excellence and community service are other keystones to our program.

Academics – CSU swimmers and divers work together and with mentors to ensure everyone on our team maintains good grades and athletic eligibility.

Community Service – The CSU Swimming Team is a leader in community service for our school and for the Horizon League. We recognize the value in giving back, helping others and being a part of something larger than ourselves.

Global Reach – International athletes from around the globe have joined their US counterparts to achieve a high quality and valuable education at CSU. They have been attracted to CSU swimming and diving by it’s diversity, strong academic offerings, the world class Robert F. Busbey Natatorium and a championship swimming and diving program. In turn, these Vikings are well prepared for a place in the global economy and are engaged in highly successful careers that have taken them to all reaches of the world.

Innovation – Bob Busbey was an early leader in use of weight training – teams in the 60′s used cement buckets and rusty pulleys on the wall. The Robert F. Busbey natatorium was designed with deep end diving well for larger volume, limited windows for better visibility, super-bright lighting and large gutters for wave suppression, among other features. Wally Morton continued a tradition of innovation with many out-of-water training exercises, international recruiting, and strategic planning for building winning teams.

Preparedness – CSU swimmers and coaches maintain a mindset of being always prepared to act quickly and respond to any contingency. “What do I do if I get the ball; now what do I do if I get the ball, . . .”  This preparedness leads to success in and out of the pool.

Synergy – We feel our teams are greater than the sum of their parts. We work under the premise that 2+2=5.  Working together  CSU swimmers and divers always find a way to succeed.

Team – Team is first and foremost in our minds.  We work as a team and take actions based on best team outcome.  CSU swimmers and divers stay connected and support each other before, during and after we compete.  Team solidarity is a lifetime benefit.