Banners are Up. Wall Graphics Next. Then We Party

The Heritage Project Concept Graphics are now reality. Last week the Coach Banners, Diver and Swimmer Banners and Ninth Lane Banners were installed.

Heritage Corner ProofSouth Tunnel Graphics are released for production.  Heritage Corner Graphics will be released Tuesday Morning after a few edits (If you want a close up view to check the spelling on your name you can download this .pdf file: heritage_corner_preflight. By the way we are aware of four typos – you see any other typos please send an email to the Heritage Committee ASAP:

Other graphics including Community Corner and Timeline Wall will follow shortly.  Huge kudos to Flying Hand Design and Repros, Inc. from CSU and Fenn College Swimmers, Divers and friends worldwide for helping us make this a reality.

We have a few more surprises as well so stay tuned.  Hint: Think “Outside the pool”.

Many events planned for Heritage Weekend 2015 including morning golf outing and late afternoon warm-up reception on Friday 9/25.  Saturday 9/26 will feature the annual Splash Bash, Official Dedication and first-annual Team/Parent/Alumni kick-off BBQ. Registration events will be posted shortly.

Below are pictures and videos from week of August 10.

First two time-lapse videos:

Banners laid out on the lawn prior to installation.2015-08-07 NLB Prep 2015-08-07 Wally Stretching

Ninth Lane Banners were installed on Friday.Ninth Lane Banner Install Fri 14 Aug

Pool rendering w-ninth lane bannerNorth and West wall banners went up earlier in the week.  Pretty close to the original concept graphics previewed last September at the Wally Roast and Reception.pool install - North Wall pool Install- NW Corner

Thanks, and don’t forget to mark your calendars for Heritage Weekend Friday and Saturday September 25/26.

Thank you for your support,

Wally Morton ’74-’14, Dave Guinther ’69, Tom Fattlar ‘74;’81-’84, Jim Starrett ’74, Jim Smith ’78, Joe Stockwell ’81 and Mike Lehto ’94-’07

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  1. This has to be one of the best pools in the country! I have been to soooooo many and non even come close. This makes our athletes feel like this is home forever! Well done committee well done!!

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